Audit Control


Protect Yourself Against Payroll Fraud

Payroll fraud accounts for **17% of all fraudulent disbursements suffered by organisations in Australia. By outsourcing your payroll to PaysOnline you will reduce the risk of payroll fraud going unnoticed in your organisation.

PaysOnline’s exposure as auditors and advisors for various organisations in regard to payroll has allowed us to see the failure of many popular payroll software programs to protect the employer in relation to payroll fraud.

As result of this experience, PaysOnline has developed a solution that provides a fully accountable payroll transaction log and variance based reporting for our clients to ensure the integrity of their payroll process.

PaysOnline’s Audit Control solution provides powerful tools and procedures to supplement and increase the precision and effectiveness of traditional fraud detection procedures. Our queries also allow for the analysis of transactions without damaging the integrity of the live data.

** Source Dolman Bateman