• Why should I consider a Payroll Outsource Service?

    With ever-changing regulations and legislation, more and more companies in Australia now recognise the significant advantages of outsourcing their payroll. Outsourcing brings many advantages such as: cost effectiveness, efficiency, security, accuracy and reassurance that only specialist focus can bring. You can achieve peace of mind knowing that your wages and salaries are processed correctly and most importantly, on time.

  • Why should we outsource to PaysOnline when we already have someone processing our pays?

    Specialist focus means our business is payroll, our passion is payroll and we are by nature of our work exposed to every conceivable situation, that can be encountered though our contact with our many and varied clients. By processing payroll internally you can be at risk of never being exposed by inadvertently missing or ignoring basic payroll rules or legislative requirements and conditions that are changing continually. Even the largest of companies that have accountants and lawyers employed in-house realise that they need specialist help within each field to ensure that changing legislation and rules are complied with. It is also true that you may be processing your payroll blissfully unaware that you are risking large penalties until it is too late. Quite often personnel resources are taken up that may be used elsewhere due to the confidential and important role that payroll plays in your administration. We will allow you and your key staff to concentrate on what you do best – your business, whilst we break this essential task down into small bite size pieces.

  • I have only one employee. Is this too small to outsource?

    Definitely not! At PaysOnline we cater for every business regardless of the size of the company and we will offer you a tailored Managed Payroll solution to suit your business needs. Consider this!!! You actually need help most likely more from day one with your first employee than after you have several staff. For an example, would you start to build a house yourself without the foundation- Then hand it over to a builder to finish?

  • What is PaysOnline’s satisfaction guarantee?

    Our guarantee is that if you decide within 3 months our solution does not satisfy your requirements, we will refund the setup fee. We feel this is the easiest way to give you ‘peace of mind’ regarding our products performance.

  • What makes us different from other payroll software?

    Unlike software we ensure your payroll is running correctly from day one. We are available to help with all questions and the correct setting up of your employee balances. Issues with long service leave and employee entitlements are resolved and a solid foundation for the future is set. You can be assured that we are across your payroll requirements today and in the future. You have access not only to your payroll processing representative and your accountant manager, but you also have access to a IR professional if required.

  • Will I save money by outsourcing?

    Definitely! Research has proven that outsourcing payroll has been one of the most cost- effective solutions for any business regardless of the size. Due to the per employee cost the payroll administration overhead is proportional if you have one employee or thousands.


  • 1. Will I still be in control of my Payroll?

    Absolutely! Before we finalise the transfer of any funds to employee bank accounts, we require confirmation from you or your authorised representative that you are happy for us to proceed. We will only accept changes to Payroll with verification from you or your authorised representative.

  • 2. What is the cost?

    Payroll costs are based on many variables – number of employees, pay frequency and optional products/services. We work with you to provide a solution that will give you what you really need – no more, no less. Therefore, each quotation is customised to fit the customer’s needs. For a free quotation without obligation please contact us.

  • 3. How long is the setup process?

    The entire setup process should take no more than 40 min or less to complete depending on how many employees. The first payroll can then be processed within 24-48 hours thereafter

Employee Self Service (ESS)

  • 1. What is Employee Self-Service?

    Employee Self Service (ESS) console is a convenient, secure, web-based portal that allows employees to view their payroll information whenever they have access to the internet. Smartphone access is also included for convenience.

  • 2. Can employees access the employee console at anytime?

    Definitely! The Employee Self Service (ESS ) portal is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week giving your employees the convenience of logging in from any location anywhere in the world that has Internet access.

  • 3. Can employees apply for leave online?

    Yes! Through our Employee Self Service console Employees can apply for leave online, Managers will need to review and approve leave before the pay is processed.

  • 4. Can employees claim expenses online?

    The ability for your employees to be able to claim expenses online ensures not only a record of the transaction but a flexible and convenient way to streamline your petty cash revenue.

  • 5. Can employees fill in their own daily timesheets?

    Yes, not only can the employee fill in the employee timesheets online, using our shift interpreter, their daily entry can be converted into normal hours, overtime and penalty rates as required eliminating calculation errors.

  • 6. Can employees use the console as a Timeclock?

    Yes, simply by having your employees punch themselves in and out using our web based timecard application. Your employees start and stop details can be easily transformed into pay data built entirely to your requirements.

Human Resources

  • 1. Will you provide and assist me with all HR information?

    Yes! Our HR solution provides a comprehensive range of practical HR tools such as; generated employment agreements, HR processes, online employment files, HR processes, and all relevant documents for you to have on hand.

  • 2. Is HR and IR consulting available?

    Yes! At an affordable price, we will resolve and assist you with all HR issues ensuring ongoing compliance with Fair Work Act Australia.

  • 3. What does ‘regulatory compliance’ mean?

    An HR and payroll provider like ourselves are responsible in making sure that your business is completely running in compliance with all federal and state laws. This entails audits, reporting tax filings, corporate regulations, developing legal documentation, etc.


Learning Centre

  • 1. What type of training and support will I receive?

    Initially all new clients will receive training to the level of “Basic User” as part of the induction process, this will ensure that all is needed to process a payroll efficiently and without issue. Any other training of a more advanced nature will be given on an “as required basis” referencing the particular item of additional information that is needed to address any advanced subject and adding to the experience rating of the operator.

  • 2. Will I have a dedicated payroll officer?

    Not only will you have a dedicated payroll officer, you will also have an account manager that is familiar with your payroll process. If you have opted for Industrial relations support, an online advisor for your IR requirements are also easily accessible using the internal messaging centre. This means that you will have up to a minimum of three persons attending to any of your payroll needs.

  • 3. Is there a time frame to complete training?

    No! “Users” can go through the e-learning at their own pace and maintain control of the learning “where, when and how” with unlimited access 24/7. To reach a level of basic proficiency should take no longer than 3/4 of an hour in total to ensure a well educated and proficient “User”.


  • 1. What type of reports would I be able to generate?

    With over 250 standard reports reporting on all aspects of HR and Payroll related information, reports, just to name a few include; Pay Details, Pay Totals, Payslips, Bank Transfers, Employee Audit Data , Pay Total reconciliations, Leave Accruals Summary, Pay Journal Summaries and more.

  • 2. In what format can I receive my reports?

    For your convenience many standard report formats are available such as PDF, Excel worksheet, Letter/mail merge, CSV and HTML.

  • 3. Are reports available online?

    Yes! All reports are available online in the PaysOnline Report Console, customised reports will be sent directly to you and available in a format of your choice.

Audit Control

  • 1. What about Confidentiality and security?

    We guarantee that! By choosing Paysonline you are assured of total client confidentiality. We offer a personal high-quality service by providing you with a dedicated Payroll officer. All information must be directed through your designated authorised payroll respresentative.

Time and Attendance

  • 1.Why should business’s consider the Paysonline Time and Attendance solution?

    As Timeclock software is most often used by all organisations to lower their administrative cost, personnel cost and risk in payroll fraud.

  • 2. Is installation complex?

    Not at all. The Paylink timeclock is no larger then the average electrical powerpoint. All it requires is to be powered by a standard AC/DC plug pack or by using the cabling supplied back to your computer. The unit is designed to mount on to a standard electrical mounting block.

  • 3. Is the data from the time clocks up-to-date?

    Yes. Our Time and Attendance solution accesses only the most up to date and current information from the database containing all software information.

  • 4. Is the system flexible?

    Whether you have a single site of business or multiple locations the Paylink time and attendance solution can collect data in virtually any configuration. Ask a Paylink representative about alternate configurations for your specific needs.

  • 5. How fast is the process procedure?

    You can collect and process 1000 scans in less than 6 seconds! If you any additional questions or you would like to proceed with a Paylink Time and Attendance solution please contact me on 1 800 242 565 for assistance.

Navman Wireless

  • 1. Can the Navman Wireless be integrated with Payroll?
  • 2. Will this improve my Customer Service?
  • 3. Can this system ensure timesheet accuracy?

Online SoftClock

Online Rostering