Human Resources


Human Resources

HR becoming the driving force

With Human Resources becoming a driving force in all successful, growing businesses, the need for a system solution has become more evident. Our Human Resource module provides the tools to effectively store, access and analyze, record and manage all HR related information.

Our unique dashboard

Our dashboard gives you a personalised snapshot of employee key performance indicators and focuses on communicating performance information. It provides a roadmap to increase the effectiveness of your workforce. Allowing you to view all information in easy to read graphs, where you can drag and drop graphs as per your requirement. Our Reminder feature lets you organise your week to complete all HR Tasks and any incomplete HR setup for your employees will appear in your ‘HR To Do List’ which acts as a reminder of outstanding information that needs to be completed to ensure the integrity of all your HR data.

Centrally record, update and review

Like all systems the quality and accuracy of your source data is paramount. Ensure that your payroll data is accurate by ensuring that your payroll is fully compliant with the Fair Work Act. The system allows you to centrally record, update and review all employee details and is customised to the requirements of your business. It’s role is to increase efficiency, minimise the risk of error and reduce administration time through its user friendly and fully secure functionality

HR Management

Our HR Management tool provides you with a quick link to view all management aspects for employees in one place, such as Agreements, Disciplinary, Grievance, Skill Assessment and more.

Reports for all HR information

Located in our Enquiry section, managers can easily download all HR related reports into a CSV file such as personal information, skills, employment details and much more.

Shared Info between HR and Payroll

We endeavour to ensure that our HR resources are fully integrated with the Payroll. This seamless integration eliminates duplicate data entry and ensures the immediate updating of shared information between HR and Payroll.