Navman Wireless


Navman Wireless Vehicle Management System

PaysOnline has partnered with FleetLink Australia, the number one distributor of Navman Wireless Business Solutions in Australia, to provide workforces with an effective and easy to use management tool for monitoring, organising and communicating with their field staff. This new technology is helping businesses across a wide range of industries realise the benefits of increased productivity, improved customer service, and reduced operating costs.

The Navman Vehicle Management System allows you to locate your vehicles on a computer screen, report historically on vehicle activities, communicate to field staff, and navigate them directly to job sites. This is made available by using a combination of GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, the mobile phone network, internet, digital mapping and the Navman OnlineAVL software.

We will keep your force mobile with increased productivity, improved control of jobs and reductions in cost. The M-Nav option gives you fully integrated vehicle tracking, job dispatch messaging and the power of satellite navigation integrated into PaysOnline payroll solution.