Online Softclock


Online Time & Attendance SoftClock


Online SoftClock

PaysOnline web-based SoftClock gets rid of the need for expensive stand-alone equipment while streamlining the process of time sheet management, allowing you to take your employee work data directly to payroll.

Nothing could be more Simple!

Our SoftClock lets managers control where employees clock in/out from by setting up specific time clock locations and supports unlimited employees as a comprehensive employee time and attendance system. Shift rule interpretation can auto-calculate overtime and penalties to your requirements. Simply by employees clocking in and out, the system collects data and automatically updates the information into the employees Jobsheet.


“Real-time” Attendance Monitor

View employees attendance in real-time in our Attendance Monitor. Our monitor integrates and shows real-time information in an intuitive display for a fast look at Attendance key features such as Roster Attendance Data, Attendance KPI, Employee count by time and Analysis by departments.