Online Training Centre


Training in Using PaysOnline

Although the PaysOnline payroll software is easy to use by people that are not familiar with payroll, we also provide online payroll training for users to help them not only use the system, but also gain knowledge about how to run a compliant and efficient payroll.

Team members access payroll training at their own time and in their own workplaces using our PaysOnline Learning Centre.

Our embedded payroll training is self-paced, fun and educational. Students get immediate feedback on their performance, gaining points towards different proficiency levels from “In training ” through to “Payroll Legend” – leading to higher team morale and confidence. Managers can check on new “Users” progress at any time through the Learning Management System.

Our online payroll training system is designed to make handover of roles responsible for your payroll smoother and more efficient. Experienced team members can take new team members through the training to ensure your essential payroll processes continue without disruption.

Our experienced staff are also available to help guide any new team member through the basics of our payroll software should you not have the time or resources to do so yourself..