Better Payroll Reporting

How much overtime has “Joe Bloggs” been paid over the last two years?”, “Who has been getting overtime for the last 6 months?” “Who has been taking personal leave every Friday before a long weekend?” When you are making critical business decisions, you need immediate access to accurate and current data and payroll reports. PaysOnline’s online reporting is available always for your convenience with a suite of easy-to-read, accurate, real-time payroll reports.

Whether you are the CEO or a new payroll officer, PaysOnline have the payroll report you need at your fingertips

  • Segmented Reports by Type – Payroll transactions, Human Resource information, leave detail and timeclock data
  • Output options for flexible viewing – PDF, CSV and Excel versions for all pre-built reporting
  • Format and Date Range Flexibility
  • Custom reporting as required