Superannuation Processing

Superannuation is one of the more complex areas of Payroll processing – especially if your employees and team members belong to multiple superannuation funds!

Our PaysOnline Payment Service (PPS) looks after your full superannuation processing and payment. This means not only will we calculate all types of superannuation liability such as your employer Superannuation Guarantee Charge (SGC) amounts, employee co-contributions and salary sacrifice, PaysOnline will also pay the liability on your behalf.

Our ability to be able to pay into multiple Superannuation funds, including Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, means you will never be bogged down making multiple contributions across a range of funds each month.

As we use the ATO’s list of registered superannuation funds to validate your employees fund choice, you are ensured that your superannuation is paid not only on time but to the intended and correct employees fund.

Why Use PaysOnline Payment Service?

  • Validation of data at the point of submission
  • One centralised payment for multiple funds
  • Full audit trail capabilities for ease of reconciliation
  • No transposition of entry errors due to the seamless Paylink Payment Service (PPS)