Testimonials Gaston Noosa


Case Study – Gaston Bar & Grill

Owner – Pascal Turschwell

gaston-thumbnailsI was first exposed to PaysOnline back in 2005 when I was using it as the general manager for my old employer who has many different businesses in various locations in retail and hospitality. I knew I could always count on our pay being on time and the support that I needed to process the payroll for the staff using PaysOnline.

When the opportunity to start my own venture presented itself it was quite an easy decision for me to use the same service that served me so well as an end user for my previous employer. I knew that I had enough to concentrate on without getting involved with something that I knew nothing about.

The system is user friendly, easy to use and the payroll process can be completed within a few minutes. Online help is available 24/7 as they provide online training to assist in using the system to it’s fullest advantage. Not only is our payroll processed on time, our superannuation entitlements for our employees to their 11 nominated funds are paid automatically without fuss.

“ I can’t tell you how good it feels to communicate with people that understand payroll and more importantly my chosen industry. ”