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Deliver flawless payrolls with a customised Payroll solution.

At PaysOnline, we help ensure payrolls are processed quickly and accurately so that your efforts to attract, hire, engage and retain great employees are never blemished by errors. By automating your payroll processes with PaysOnline’s single solution software, you eliminate the frustration of manually entering data and integrating multiple systems. Because PaysOnline empowers businesses with one system of record for employees, any information affecting payroll is entered once with changes taking effect system wide.

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Complete Human Capital Management
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GL Concierge

PaysOnline makes entering payroll data into your business’s General Ledger (GL) easy by generating perfectly mapped GL reports for direct import into accounting software. PaysOnline also enables you to seamlessly integrate into your Xero accounting software.

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Expense Management

Expense Management from PaysOnline eliminates the manual, paper-based processes associated with employee expense reimbursement. Employers can control expenses by setting clearly defined parameters for employees with expense rules and categories, as well as by monitoring expenses with a variety of reports.

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Garnishment Management

Garnishment Management from PaysOnline can help reduce your company’s liability regarding employee garnishments. Outsourcing these requirements mitigates the risk of penalties and lawsuits from employees and agencies, and reduces your time and resources spent on calculating and tracking garnishment payments.

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Payroll Tax Management

Stress less and know that you and your employees will be fulfilling obligations with PaysOnline’s Payroll Tax Management scheduled to make payments to the correct state agencies using your organisation’s payroll data.

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PAYG Management

Let PaysOnline take charge with our PAYG Management. PaysOnline can schedule your PAYG withholding tax payments to the Australian Taxation Office using your organisation’s payroll data on amounts withheld.

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Funds Transfer Service

Our Funds Transfer Service takes the pressure off your shoulders by paying your employees on time, every time without fail. Some organisations use our Funds Transfer Service for reasons of confidentiality to ensure employee payments remain private and for security where management are not permitted access to bank accounts.

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Superannuation Management

Our PaysOnline Payment Service (PPS) looks after your full superannuation processing and payment. This means not only will we calculate all types of superannuation liability such as your employer Superannuation Guarantee Charge (SGC) amounts, employee co-contributions and salary sacrifice but PaysOnline will also pay the liability on your behalf.

  • Validation of data at point of submission
  • One centralised payment for multiple funds
  • Full audit trail capabilities for ease of reconciliation
  • No transposition of entry due to the seamless Paylink Payment Service (PPS)

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Online Payroll Processing

When PaysOnline manages your payroll, you don’t have to have any knowledge or understanding of how to run pays. We do the actual payroll processing for you after you have provided us with the correct information. The PaysOnline platform provides you all of the necessary tools to gather employee information and times worked. Anytime access to make changes, run payroll and generate reports provides not only convenience, but peace of mind, knowing you can do your job whenever and from wherever necessary.

  • Enjoy cloud-based convenience for making changes, running reports and submitting payroll information from anywhere, at any time.
  • Scalable design adds flexibility and allows you to customise the system to fit your company’s unique needs.
  • Remain proactive in the payroll process by easily delegating tasks to multiple users within your organisation. Customisable access levels for separate duties ensures confidential information is protected.
  • Automatically update payroll with time data and employee changes without re-keying information.
  • Simplify manual processes by adding recurring payroll items to employees.

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Record Management

Record keeping and payroll go hand-in-hand. If records aren’t kept, or are incorrect, Fair Work have the powers to issue penalties to companies and directors. It is unlawful for employers to make or keep records that they know are false or misleading – PaysOnline’s Record Management can help assist you in ensuring that you keep track of everything you need.

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Award Interpretation

PaysOnline’s Award Interpretation tool helps you remain compliant by determining rates of pay by job description, age and level. In conjunction with the PaysOnline Pay Rate Validation tool, our Award Interpreter assists you in allocating the correct rate of pay to each of your employees.  Stay in control and stress less – let PaysOnline assist you in running pain free payroll!

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Benefit from outsourcing your payroll to an Australian Payroll Services company

With regular legislative and regulation changes, doing your payroll ‘in-house’ can be a complicated function of your business. Australia has one of the most complex payroll environments in the world and as a result, requires more than just push-of-a-button-software.

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