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Building your business takes hard work. However, keeping it staffed and compliant with complex labour laws can siphon time and attention away from doing what you do best – growing your franchise.

PaysOnline’s payroll and HR software helps eliminate HR challenges – our tools make it easy to onboard great employees, tackle compliance and increase efficiency.

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CHALLENGE 1: HR’s Administrative Burden

Finding and developing hard-working employees who can provide fast, courteous customer service is crucial to the growth of your franchise. It’s a big job with a big administrative burden. Human resource tasks consume anywhere from 25 to 35 percent of an owner’s time, with between 7 and 25 percent of that time spent on paperwork alone.

With PaysOnline you can…

PaysOnline streamlines the hiring process. Our intuitive onboarding and training tools allow you to:

  • minimise errors and eliminate re-keying with paperless onboarding
  • avoid liability with employee training tracking and licence/certification tracking
  • empower employees with employee self-service. Employee self-service grants instant access to personal information, leave request, rosters and much more.

CHALLENGE 2: The Rising Cost of Doing Business

In the face of rising costs, on everything from rent to labour, reducing operational expenses is crucial to increasing efficiency, expanding profitability and improving cash flow.

With PaysOnline you can…

PaysOnline’s automated, all-in-one HR and payroll application can help you save time and money, from eradicating time theft and managing overtime, to avoiding payroll tax penalties and reducing turnover costs. Our single-database solution can help you:

  • avoid over/understaffing with workforce management
  • see real-time totals on hours worked
  • eliminate time theft with biometric time clocks
  • quickly create and assign schedules
  • reduce exposure to violations, audits and penalties

CHALLENGE 3: Increasing Regulatory Complexity

You face a complex and ever-changing labour relations where keeping up with changes, meeting requirements and avoiding penalties take valuable time and attention away from growing the business.

With PaysOnline you can…

Let PaysOnline give you that time back. Our cloud-based, single-database solution can assist you in mitigating risk, avoid penalties and proactively manage payroll compliance. With PaysOnline, you can:

  • access workforce analytics and customisable reports
  • know that your payroll, payroll taxes and deposits will be handled securely and on time
  • assist you in remaining Single Touch Payroll complaint

Customise your solution No matter your role or industry, we have the
payroll and HR tools you need.

Benefit from outsourcing your payroll to an Australian Payroll Services company

With regular legislative and regulation changes, doing your payroll ‘in-house’ can be a complicated function of your business. Australia has one of the most complex payroll environments in the world and as a result, requires more than just push-of-a-button-software.

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