PaysOnline Managed Payroll STP Ready

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PaysOnline Managed Payroll STP Ready

The Australian Taxation Office will shortly begin contacting small businesses already using payroll software in a bid to get them to start Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting before the 1 July deadline. 

In an effort to get small businesses to report STP reporting before the 1 July deadline, the ATO will inform these businesses that they need not wait for the legislation to pass before they begin reporting.  

“If their payroll software offers STP, they can update their software and start reporting now,” the ATO said in an online update. 

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics there are currently, ‘781,908 businesses with 19 or less employees in Australia’ and that is around 36.8% of all Australian businesses. Micro businesses with one to four employees account for 584,744 of that total, and the remaining 197,164 are businesses with five to nineteen employees. 

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