PaysOnline Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

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PaysOnline Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

In an age where we rely heavily on the internet for personal and professional use it should come as no surprise that we are beginning to experience an increase in digital crime and internet fraud.  This is particularly important to us as outsourced payroll providers. With most standard security features requiring only a simple username and password combination, it has become increasingly easy for criminals to gain access to private data and maliciously use the information for personal gain. 

As an outsourced payroll provider, we’re constantly working towards better information handling and data storage security. In order to validate that you are ‘authentically’ you, we have introduced Two Factor Authentication (2FA) into our platform.  As Digital Service Providers for the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) we’re required to follow certain rules and regulations regarding securing data and sensitive information. The ATO have made this implementation of Two Factor Authentication a mandatory requirement for PaysOnline and all other Digital Service Providers. 

2FA increases the security of your account by requiring a second factor of authentication (something you have) in addition to your password (something you know).  This something you have‘ must be something you actually posses and is specifically unique to only you. If you think about it, it is much harder for hackers to ‘prove’ that they have something that is unique to yourself.

PaysOnline have implemented and integrated the Google Authenticator desktop and phone application for use as our second factor. Google Authenticator generates one-time access codes. The number generated by the app will change every 30 seconds and is completely unique to your phone and account. The only entities who will know the code will be the app and the application in which it links to. This provides a more robust security system and one we’re confident will help keep your data even more secure.

See an example of the 2FA registration process.

We have created a page with instructions of the 2FA registration process for PaysOnline users.

How do I install the authentication app?

We’ve created an information page here.

Still have more questions?

We’ve created a list of question and answers here.

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