Reasons Why Employees Change Jobs

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Reasons Why Employees Change Jobs

Employee retention plays an important role in successful business, with the health and wealth of an organisation laying in the productivity of its workforce. With high staff turnover costly to your business, it is important to understand the real reasons why employees may be looking for new jobs.

A recent study conducted by Facebook found employees were more likely to begin hunting for another job if they felt the work they were tasked with was unfulfilling. The study also found that employees were still likely to change jobs even if they had a strong working relationship with their management, or even still, performing well in their job.  

The study found workers who felt they were able to use their strengths frequently and are gaining valuable experience were more likely to stay within their current position.

HR thinktank Reventure supported the findings which found that almost 72% of Australians look for purpose and meaning in their work. A sentiment again supported in the article “Why People Really Quit Their Jobs” stating that “most companies design jobs and then slot people into them” but that employers should perhaps create jobs around their talented employees (Goler, Gale, Harrington & Grant, 2018).

Despite the reasons why employees quit their job there are still a number of areas you can focus on in order to increase employee engagement. These include things such as onboarding and orientation, mentorship, compensation/recognition, work-life balance, training and development just to name a few (Half, 2018).

Quite often the best course of action is to simply ask your employees if they’re happy. By taking the initiative to ask how things are going and by paying close attention to what is working for your employees you can work on ways to enhance them. People don’t leave jobs if they have things good, they leave for a reason.

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