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PaysOnline’s Best Practice Solution Life Cycle

We’ve been making payroll deadset boringly correct for over two decades.

PaysOnline’s outsourced payroll service has been constantly refined since 1995, developing features to help your business across areas such as Talent Management, Rostering, Time and Attendance, Payroll, and Business Intelligence.  The PaysOnline Best Practice Solution Life Cycle encompasses our top five features – Manage, Roster, Track, Pay and Analyse – working in unison to provide your business with the efficiency it deserves.


Human Resources is quickly becoming a driving force in growing businesses with HR playing a critical role in keeping employees engaged and energised. The PaysOnline HR feature provides clients with the tools to store, access and analyse, record and manage all HR related information, all from one convenient place.


Rostering and Payroll go hand-in-hand, both working together to compensate your business’ greatest asset – hardworking employees. The PaysOnline rostering feature integrates seamlessly with our Time and Attendance capabilities, making it an excellent tool to help you control your costs and to stay on top of employees hours worked.


Without employees your business would not exist – they are your greatest asset and your greatest expense. As your workforce grows and as labour costs rise, it is more important than ever to make sure that your time and attendance processes work to improve your workplace effectiveness and services to your employees. We offer a number of methods to track employee attendance with each feeding the data into the timesheet automatically – this means you will notice a reduction in errors and emits the need for manual data entry.   


The PaysOnline outsourced payroll solution is backed by a team of payroll specialists who work with you to ensure that your payrolls are processed quickly and without error. Our team of experts will help you remain complaint with Government legislation and regulations meaning that your efforts to attract, hire, engage and retain great employee are never tarnished. Our Time and Attendance capabilities capture employee hours and transfer the information straight into the timesheet, greatly reducing errors and removing the need for manual data entry.


Make sense of your business’ payroll with the PaysOnline outsourced payroll solution. Our unique dashboard and timesheet submission data keeps you in the loop through each step of the process – minus the tricky stuff – that’s up to us, your dedicated payroll specialists. With over 250 standard and dynamic reports available from the PaysOnline Report and Enquiry centre. You’ll have access to a number of reports including Pay Details, Pay Totals, and PaySlips just to name a few.

PaysOnline’s Outsourced Payroll Service – Best Practice Solution

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