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Example of the Two Factor Authentication Registration Process

Step 1

Login to PaysOnline as you normally would.

Step 2

You will be presented with the following screen. Enter your email address and mobile number (optional) and press next.

Step 3

Click the link sent to your email account to verify that you have entered in a correct address.  Please note that the following screen will open in a new tab – please close this tab and return to the previous screen. Click next once you’ve confirmed.


Step 4

Open the authenticator application you have downloaded onto your device (see this page for more information) and scan the QR code. This code is unique to your PaysOnline account.

If you are using a desktop authenticator application – you will need to copy and paste the long string of text instead of scanning the QR code.

Step 5

Select three security questions and provide your responses. If you cannot for some reason access your authentication application you can choose to answer your security questions instead, you will do this by clicking on the ‘I can’t use my authenticator app’ link.

Step 6

You have now activated 2FA on your PaysOnline account and will need to login.

Do you still have questions about Two Factor Authentication?

We have created a question and answers page here.