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Case Study – Pass Sports Australia

The business

Established in 2000 as a primary school after sports program.Pass Sports Australia has evolved since and is now a not-for-profit organisation who believes in providing Indigenous youth with the life skills to become leaders within their communities. Pass Sports Australia provide a career pathway program that enables the paid employment of indigenous youth to do a school based traineeship,supporting them through completion of their secondary education and transition themfrom school to entry level careers opportunities.

Employing 763 employees during the 2011/12 year the organisation provided after school programs to over 50 high schools in Queensland.

The issue – “The Bus”

Payroll was one of the most critical tasks that needed to be addressed each fortnightfor Pass Sports Australia. The task of processing payroll was undertaken by an extremely hard working and loyal staff member, who had an intimate knowledge of the payroll process and the running of the business. Staff members like this are extremely hard to find and do end up being an integral part of an organisation as they naturally volunteer for more and more responsibility and work.
Pass Sport Australia’s “Bus” (the “Bus” that un-expectantly ran over the key employee)was in the form of an unavoidable two week notice period that was given by that critical administrator after accepting a new position in a different state.

The Solution

Pass Australia’s “Bus” created immediate stress and few options when to employ another person of the same calibre withintwo weeks and them being up to speed with the payroll process was nearly impossible.
PaysOnline were mentioned as a solution by Not for Profit board member and Treasurer,Josip Matanovic from Vincents Accountants, as a result of personal exposure to PaysOnline payroll services.

The Process

Once introduced to Pass Sport Australia PaysOnline quickly costed a price for our services that were designed to meet Pass Sport Australia’s budget requirements A huge leap of faith was required by Pass Sports Australia as our cost equated tomuch more than their currently used MYOB payroll license, and also a fair chunkof the outgoing administrators salary.

Time was of the” essence” and we all had a lot to achieve in a relatively short time to ensure PaysOnline could process the next Pass Sports Australia payroll on time.

As the details of our processing agreement was being finalised, PaysOnline was gathering information from the Pass Sport Australia’s payroll files and converting the raw employee data. Simultaneously, a strategy to involve other management staff in timekeeping. duties using our multi-level “user” capabilities was being formulated.

Within five days PaysOnline had sorted through the 1700 employees details contained in the existing payroll files, entered all current employees, loaded opening balances for Year-to-Date earnings and leave.

Additional setup included a personalised timesheet to Pass Sports Australia’s requirements with multiple authorisation levels for direct entry by staff coordinators. Being a not for profit organisation also meant that PaysOnline had to facilitate payrolldeductions for the many salary sacrificed items as well as normal payroll components.

To complete the seamless transition, PaysOnline produced a parallel pay process to ensure accuracy and validate all transposed data entry in the setup process.

Life now with PaysOnline

Once training for the staff coordinators using their company provided iPads had been concluded, the office manager (who has no previous payroll experience) with our assistance now manages the bulk of the payroll in a less than a day. Payroll is produced seamlessly and on time, with the staff coordinators now more than ever are engaged within their role in the business. No longer does the dependency on one person determine the payroll process.

The PaysOnline implementation corresponded within weeks of the end of financial year. This period is typically chaotic for administrators and despite this, all staff had their employee Tax certificates (Group certificates) produced and available to them either as hardcopy or electronically on their own personal web interface within a week of the new financial year.

Pass Sports Australia can look forward to an even more efficient and smooth payroll process as its administrators and employees familiarise themselves with the tools available within the PaysOnline application.

Pass Sports Australia have:

  • Reduced their “key man ” risk
  • Engaged their management by making them more responsible for their employees.
  • Allowed employees to have information at their fingertips using their own employee console.
  • Ensured best practice procedures using the audit and reporting tools available in the PaysOnline interface.
  • Eliminated Superannuation payments
  • Consolidated and streamlined employee tax certificate production and lodgement.

Brenden Jones (CEO) We were really in distress, with less than 2 weeks to re-organise our payroll and the End of Financial Year approaching we needed a solution; fast…. Thanks to the team at PaysOnline and their assistance our payroll process is now more transparent and has engaged both our management and our employees alike. One bonus has beenthe extra time that has been freed up for our senior staff members to attend to more pressing business issues. I have every confidence that we no longer will we find ourselves exposed to the dependence on any one person in the organisation i m regard to payroll processing in the future.

Rachel Crawford-Jones (Business Development Manager)
Time definitely was of the essence for us!. Thankfully the recommendation to contact PaysOnline solved many of our pressing payroll issues in a surprisingly short time.I must thank Scott and his team for their assistance and sorting out our company’s al payroll situation within such a small timeframe. It has been nothing short of miraculous to see the turnaround that has been undertaken within few months with our administration of this critical overhead.

I feel that a weight has been lifted off my shoulders that will now allow me to concentrate on our core business. The system is simple to use, very efficient and provides a myriad of reporting both in standard form and downloadable user generated formats via the enquiry centre.

The PaysOnline team have been very supportive and always available to help. I would not hesitate to pass on PaysOnline’s name to others as I would feel like I was genuinely doing thema favour.

Teddy Tauakipulu (Office Manager)
I was asked to take on the task of handling the Payroll for my employer, with no real payroll experience I was quite anxious when asked to undertake this new duty knowing how much time was taken by the previous payroll administrator on the task at hand. Thankfully after some initial reservations I now have confidence with help from the PaysOnline team that our staff are being paid correctly and on time. The system is user friendly and I am comfortable knowing that using the 24/7 help lineany issue that I have is solved without fuss and more importantly without delay.

I now handle the pay in less than a day and now have 100% confidence in myself and PaysOnline!