Seamless and accurate payments

Our payroll experts will ensure accurate and efficient payroll processing, fully compliant with relevant Australian laws for your peace of mind. Eliminate errors, reduce administrative load, and create an environment that fosters the recruitment, hiring, and retention of top-notch personnel within the Australian business landscape.

Expense Management

The PaysOnline expense management gets rid of the need for manual and paper-based processes for reimbursing employee expenses. Employers can manage expenses by setting specific rules and categories for employees, and also keep track of expenses through different reports.

Payroll Tax Management

Take control of your payroll tax obligations effortlessly. With PaysOnline, we offer two flexible options to assist you. You can choose to receive a comprehensive report that guides you through the process of completing your payroll tax obligations directly with the Office of State Revenue (OSR). Alternatively, for added convenience, you have the option to designate us as a user in the OSR system, and we’ll handle the tax filing process on your behalf.

PAYG Management

Let PaysOnline handle your PAYG withholding tax management with ease. When you choose our service, we take care of the entire process for you. We schedule and submit your PAYG to the ATO on your behalf, saving you valuable time and effort.
Our Funds Transfer Service guarantees timely and stress-free payments for your employees. Some organisations use this service to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of employee payments and for security reasons where management is not allowed access to bank accounts.

At PaysOnline, we take care of all your superannuation processing and payment needs. This includes calculating various types of superannuation liabilities, like your employer’s Superannuation Guarantee Charge (SGC) amounts, employee co-contributions, and salary sacrifice. Not only that, but we also make the liability payment on your behalf.

Our system ensures that data is validated at the point of submission, making it easier for you to reconcile payments with a full audit trail. With our seamless PaysOnline Payment Service (PPS), there’s no risk of transposition errors when entering data, and you can make one centralised payment for multiple funds.

With PaysOnline managing your payroll, you don’t need to know how to run pay. We process payroll for you once you provide us with the correct information. Our platform provides all the necessary tools to gather employee information and work times. You have any time access to make changes, run payroll, and generate reports. It’s convenient and gives peace of mind, as you can do your job anywhere and anytime.
Effective record keeping is crucial in maintaining compliance with Fair Work regulations and avoiding penalties. PaysOnline provides a reliable solution to help businesses keep accurate and comprehensive records. Our system ensures that all necessary information is properly documented and organised, reducing the risk of penalties and ensuring accurate record-keeping practices.

Additional available features

  • Seamless cloud-based console
  • Superannuation calculations
  • Paperless onboarding for new employees
  • Employee console - upload licences, view training, complete custom forms
  • Employee expense claims
  • Termination calculations
  • Connect to Xero
  • General Ledger Mapping
  • PAYG, BAS, IAS payments
  • Workcover annual returns
  • Payment of wages - Funds Transfer (FTS), Australian Banking association (ABA)
  • Payroll tax Reporting and lodgement
  • Compliant reporting
  • Gold certified super stream payments
  • Multiple pay processing frequencies
  • Flexible payroll schedules
  • Roster Management and reporting
  • Time and attendance reports
  • Multiple location, cost centres and departments
  • Online access for accountants
  • Employee online leave management
  • Multi level user access and self-administered control centre
  • Individual time keeping options - job sheet, web time clock, biometric scanners
  • Internal communication
  • Single Touch Payroll -Version 2 Compliant
  • Super fund validation
  • HR document delivery with electronic acknowledgement
  • HR report centre - employment details, OH&S, benefit details
  • Comprehensive HR - employment details, recruitment, reminders
  • Comprehensive HR - dashboard, employee details, curriculum vitae
  • Skill assessment, training, performance reviews, custom forms
  • Fair Work link and audit response
  • System generated (e-reminders)
  • My to do list
  • Audit control
  • Emailed Payslips

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