Streamlined Payroll Services for Retail Businesses

With our extensive expertise and comprehensive understanding of industry-specific challenges, PaysOnline can provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of the retail industry.

Reducing Turnover

High staff turnover is costly, with estimates of the cost of employee turnover being approximately a person’s salary, sometimes higher, with ongoing costs including time spent recruiting and getting new staff up to speed.

Our Solution

PaysOnline’s Outsourced and Managed Payroll solution contains an all-in-one human capital management system to help retailers reduce turnover and cut costs by streamlining the hiring process and increasing employee engagement. With PaysOnline, you can easily:

  • Improve new-hire productivity with paperless onboarding
  • Empower employees through Employee Self-Service
  • Offer easily accessible, flexible scheduling options.

Efficient shift scheduling and optimal staffing levels

Efficient shift scheduling and optimal staffing are vital for the retail industry to meet customer demand, maintain productivity, and control labour costs.

Our Solution

PaysOnline can provide advanced scheduling and rostering capabilities, enabling retailers to create efficient and balanced schedules.

  • Optimise scheduling to capitalise on seasonal spikes
  • Respond in real-time to changes in demand
  • Get overtime dollars, headcount and year-to-date turnover numbers
  • Prepare for labour shortages, wage increases and overtime expansion
  • Effortlessly distribute shifts, allowing staff to choose and manage their preferred work hours


Meeting the ever-changing requirements can be difficult for retailers, whose workforce consists of part-time, full-time, casual and seasonal employees.

Our Solution

With PaysOnline’s outsourced payroll solution, you can easily comply with monitoring of labour allocation and remain abreast of changes that affect your business. PaysOnline can help you:

  • Establish weekly hours worked thresholds
  • Validate employee pay rates against modern awards
  • Maintain employment records and time sheets of seasonal employees
  • Stay informed of legislative updates

Retailers also often face high volumes of payroll calculations because of varying work hours and commission-based sales incentives. Processing payroll accurately and timely is crucial for maintaining employee satisfaction and minimising payroll disputes. 

We offer a robust payroll service that will streamline operations, save time, and ensure employees are correctly paid on time.

With PaysOnline as your partner, you can focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences, driving sales and growing your business.