Aged care / Retirement villages

Tailored Payroll Solutions for Aged Care and Retirement Villages

Managing complex payment requirements while adhering to regulatory standards in the aged care/retirement industry can be a significant challenge. At PaysOnline, we specialise in providing tailored solutions for the sector’s unique needs.

Streamlining Payroll for a Diverse Workforce

The industry often deals with a diverse workforce comprising permanent employees, casual staff, and contracted professionals. Managing complex pay rates, allowances, and entitlements for different types of employee categories can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Our Solution

Our managed payroll service automates the payroll process, reducing manual errors and guaranteeing accurate and timely payment.

  • Track various entitlements such as overtime and ensure compliance with relevant industry awards and agreements.
  • Ensure strict adherence to industry standards with comprehensive compliance monitoring and reporting. We keep track of changes in minimum wages, penalty rates, and employment regulations and update payroll systems accordingly.

By partnering with us, you can focus on delivering exceptional care and services to your residents.