Efficient Payroll Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

Lean manufacturing requires streamlining workflows and processes company-wide, including payroll and HR.

PaysOnline’s cloud-based single solution helps automate manual tasks, improve efficiency, control labour costs, find top talent, and simplify compliance from any internet-enabled device.

Recruiting and Retention

The widening skills gap makes it increasingly difficult to find and keep top talent. Around 2 million manufacturing positions are projected to remain unfilled in the next decade. It’s more important than ever to have the right systems in place to recruit and retain your best employees.

Our Solution

With PaysOnline’s Talent Acquisition and Talent Management tools, you can:

  • Make onboarding and performance management easy for you and your employees
  • Get extensive workforce analytics that helps you pinpoint issues and opportunities
  • Reduce paper-based systems
  • Job advertisement can be created in PaysOnline and added to seek, indeed, jora ads

Workforce Optimisation

Achieving optimal productivity and managing labour costs effectively are top priorities for manufacturing companies. Although challenging, it is imperative to balance workforce needs and cost constraints, especially in the face of varying demands.

Our Solution

PaysOnline’s Time and Labour Management lowers labour costs and eliminates payroll errors while automating processes like dues check-off.

  • Track shift variances and associated earnings
  • Avoid "buddy punching" and time theft with biometric time clocks, geotracking or online timecards
  • Generate absenteeism reports to find ways to reduce costs and increase productivity
  • Use an unlimited number of pay items and assign hours to multiple earnings codes and cost centres
  • Update payroll automatically with approved time

Compliance with Regulations

The manufacturing industry is subject to various industry-specific regulations and compliance requirements, such as wage and hour laws, safety regulations, and union agreements. Staying compliant with these regulations can be demanding, particularly when managing a large workforce across different locations.

Our Solution

PaysOnline’s technology helps you reduce your exposure to violations, audits and penalties.

  • Fulfil your reporting and filing obligations
  • Get anywhere, anytime access to employee permits, licenses, training, disciplinary action information, and more

PaysOnline offers an array of benefits for your manufacturing business. By streamlining payroll processes, enhancing compliance with industry regulations, optimising workforce management, and improving overall operational efficiency, you can concentrate on your core business activities. 

Achieve greater cost control and meet production demands in today's highly competitive manufacturing landscape with the help of PaysOnline.