Labour Hire

Specialised Payroll Solutions for Labour Hire Companies

In the labour hire industry, managing payroll and ensuring compliance with regulations can be demanding. At PaysOnline, we specialise in providing tailored services to meet the unique needs of the labour hire industry.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

The labour hire industry operates within a complex regulatory landscape, with specific obligations and compliance requirements.

Our Solution
  • PaysOnline can provide guidance on compliance matters and ensure appropriate remuneration based on industry standards.

Managing a large and dynamic workforce

Labour hire agencies typically manage a large and dynamic workforce, with workers engaged on temporary or project-based assignments. Keeping track of their hours worked, shift differentials, overtime, and allowances can be complex and time-consuming.

Our Solution
  • PaysOnline advanced time and attendance tracking systems can help you streamline your processes, reduce manual errors, and ensure timely and accurate payment for workers, ultimately improving workforce management.
  • Job advertisments can be managed in PaysOnline, allowing them to keep a data base of all potential candidate.

Generating accurate and customised reports for clients

Labour hire agencies often need to provide detailed and specific client-specific billing and reporting, including comprehensive breakdowns of hours worked, rates, and associated costs. Generating accurate and customised reports can be a laborious task without appropriate payroll systems in place.

Our Solution
  • PaysOnline offers robust reports for each client, project, or assignment, enabling labour hire agencies to provide transparent billing and reporting.

You can focus on delivering exceptional workforce solutions to your clients through a comprehensive managed payroll service.