Optimised Payroll Services for Distribution Companies

In the fast-paced and competitive distribution industry, managing payroll and ensuring compliance with employment regulations while optimising operational efficiency can be complex. 

PaysOnline’s single-application payroll and HR technology are designed to help your company improve productivity, control labour costs, and simplify compliance.

Workforce Management

Effective workforce management is crucial in the Distribution industry, where optimal staffing levels and efficient shift scheduling are essential for meeting customer demands, maintaining productivity, and controlling labour costs.

Our Solution

With PaysOnline, you can streamline workforce management processes, to improve employee productivity, reduce overtime costs, and enhance overall operational efficiency. PaysOnline can help you:

  • Calculate and track shift variances
  • View overtime costs before it occurs
  • Train employees on emerging technology
  • Measure labour costs budget vs actual
  • Reassign duties, based on employees’ skill sets and workloads
  • Schedule according to roles and capabilities
  • Job advertisement can be created in PaysOnline and added to seek, indeed, jora ads

Mitigate Risks

Because labour costs often consume between 50 to 70 per cent of a distribution centre’s budget, workforce-related risks can hurt the bottom line.

Our Solution

With PaysOnline’s comprehensive human capital management technology, you can rest easy knowing that your company is protected from liability. From cultivating a safety-driven work environment to preventing time theft, PaysOnline streamlines every aspect of your HR operations. You’ll find it effortless to:

  • Eliminate "buddy punching" with biometric time clocks
  • Avoid understaffing with labour management tools
  • Incorporate safety initiatives into performance reviews

Labour Shortages and High Turnover

Having the right number of skilled employees is crucial for a smooth-running warehouse or distribution centre. Despite labour market shortages and high turnover rates, prioritising staffing is necessary to meet customer needs and maintain organisational goals.

Our Solution

PaysOnline’s single-database payroll and HR solution automates the onboarding and training processes so you can maintain peak operating efficiency. With PaysOnline, you can:

  • Improve day-one productivity of new hires with paperless onboarding
  • Create customised training programs and track employees’ course completions

Discover efficient payroll solutions tailored for the Distribution sector. Contact us today to optimise your payroll operations.