Reliable Payroll Solutions for Nonprofit Organisations

In the nonprofit sector, it can be difficult to juggle payroll management, employment regulation compliance, and resource allocation optimisation. PaysOnline can meet the unique needs of nonprofit organisations.

Employee Retention

Nonprofits often struggle to offer competitive pay, which can be a significant obstacle for HR departments. Therefore, it’s essential to focus on improving other aspects of employee retention to reduce turnover.

Our Solution

PaysOnlines’s all-in-one human capital management solution can help you increase engagement and improve employee satisfaction. With PaysOnline, you can:

  • Develop and assign performance goals by position or employee
  • Offer flexible scheduling options with Employee Self-Service
  • Establish performance review schedules and track results through comprehensive reporting that can assist you in succession planning
  • Manage fringe benefits and salary-sacrificing with ease

Maximising available resources

The ability to report healthy, balanced, operational spending is crucial to maintaining relationships with existing donors and attracting new ones.

Our Solution

PaysOnline’s HR and payroll solution can help you streamline HR and payroll processes, increase organisational efficiency and help every team member live up to their role’s full strategic potential. PaysOnline can help you:

  • Manage all of your HR and payroll functions without purchasing multiple systems or licenses
  • Limit your payroll tax responsibilities and avoid penalties
  • Manage labour costs in real-time with cloud-based analytics
  • Easily administer and manage employee benefits
  • Save time and money with an automated, paperless payroll process
  • Securely store and easily retrieve employee documents with cloud-based storage
  • Eliminate data re-entry with one system that stores and updates information throughout the entire employment life cycle

Compliance with nonprofit regulations

Nonprofit organisations are subject to specific regulations, including tax-exempt status requirements, reporting obligations, and compliance with governance guidelines. Ensuring payroll compliance with these regulations can be a time-consuming and complex task.

Our Solution

With PaysOnline as your payroll provider you can ensure:

  • Accurate reporting of payroll-related taxes and adherence to government guidelines
  • Compliance and minimise the risk of penalties or loss of tax-exempt status.

Addressing these challenges through the PaysOnline comprehensive managed payroll service can help nonprofit organisations to streamline their payroll processes, enhance compliance with nonprofit regulations, and improve operational efficiency. This allows nonprofits to allocate more resources to their programs and initiatives, increase their impact, and fulfil their mission.

Contact us now to transform your payroll management so you can focus on making a greater impact on your mission.