Simplified attendance tracking

Optimising your attendance processes is crucial to improving workplace effectiveness. With our reliable time and attendance tracking solutions, you can ensure accurate payroll calculations, compliance with labour regulations, and a more efficient and effective work environment.

Leave Management

PaysOnline’s Leave Management feature automates and standardises leave request procedures to assist employers in maintaining a fully staffed workforce. You can easily view employee leave accruals, approve or deny requests, and keep track of scheduled leave.

Web Time Clocks

With PaysOnline, you have the option to manage your employees’ attendance with the use of web time clocks. Your managers can set up specific clock locations, giving them full control over where employees clock in and out. Best of all, these time clocks can support unlimited employees for real-time monitoring. By using online web time clocks, you can streamline your timesheet management process without the need for expensive stand-alone equipment.

Attendance Monitoring

With PaysOnline’s Attendance Monitoring, you can easily keep track of your employees’ attendance in a variety of ways. Choose from Project Timesheet for tracking project times, Job Sheet for manual time entry, Biometric Finger Scanner, Biometric Face Scanner, Web-based time clock, and Web-based time card for employee entry via computer or phone.
By utilising PaysOnline’s timekeeping platforms, you can easily monitor your employees’ work hours and ensure that they are taking the appropriate breaks as required by law. This helps you fulfil your legal obligations as an employer, minimise injury and illness in the workplace, and reduce the costs of injury and workers’ compensation.
Reduce errors and time theft. PaysOnline offers Biometric Terminals that accurately track employee attendance with a simple ‘Touch and Go’ operation. Choose from Finger, Palm or Facial Scanners for efficient and error-free time tracking.
With PaysOnline, managing your workforce’s work hours is effortless. We offer over 40 comprehensive attendance reports that provide you with critical data for your business analysis.
As a business owner, you can confidently rely on PaysOnline to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations affecting your business. Our custom-built system is designed to minimise the risk of violations, audits, and penalties. A single system of data keeps your employee records consistent. Our quick and comprehensive reporting capabilities provide real–time insights. You can trust PaysOnline to keep you updated with changes in modern award rate increases requiring system updates.

Additional available features

  • Seamless cloud-based console
  • Superannuation calculations
  • Paperless onboarding for new employees
  • Employee console - upload licences, view training, complete custom forms
  • Employee expense claims
  • Termination calculations
  • Connect to Xero
  • General Ledger Mapping
  • PAYG, BAS, IAS payments
  • Workcover annual returns
  • Payment of wages - Funds Transfer (FTS), Australian Banking association (ABA)
  • Payroll tax Reporting and lodgement
  • Compliant reporting
  • Gold certified super stream payments
  • Multiple pay processing frequencies
  • Flexible payroll schedules
  • Roster Management and reporting
  • Time and attendance reports
  • Multiple location, cost centres and departments
  • Online access for accountants
  • Employee online leave management
  • Multi level user access and self-administered control centre
  • Individual time keeping options - job sheet, web time clock, biometric scanners
  • Internal communication
  • Single Touch Payroll -Version 2 Compliant
  • Super fund validation
  • HR document delivery with electronic acknowledgement
  • HR report centre - employment details, OH&S, benefit details
  • Comprehensive HR - employment details, recruitment, reminders
  • Comprehensive HR - dashboard, employee details, curriculum vitae
  • Skill assessment, training, performance reviews, custom forms
  • Fair Work link and audit response
  • System generated (e-reminders)
  • My to do list
  • Audit control
  • Emailed Payslips

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