Early Learning

Empowering Early Learning Centres with Tailored Payroll Solutions

Early learning centres are vital in laying the foundation for children’s lifelong journey. Managing payroll effectively while ensuring compliance with employment and staffing regulations can be a significant challenge in the early learning industry.  PaysOnline specialises in providing tailored managed payroll services designed to address the unique needs of early learning centres. 

Effective staffing and roster management

Effective staffing and roster management are crucial in the early learning industry to maintain appropriate staff-to-child ratios, ensure adequate coverage, and manage budget constraints. 

Our Solution
  • Efficiently manage staff allocations, track hours, and handle substitution or roster changes at a moment's notice.
  • Optimise staffing levels, reduce administrative efforts, and ensure compliance with staff-to-child ratio requirements.

Compliance with relevant industry awards, agreements, and regulations

Compliance with relevant industry awards, agreements, and regulations is critical in the Early Learning industry. This includes adherence to the Educational Services (Teachers) Award, which covers early childhood teachers, as well as other applicable awards and agreements specific to the industry.

Our Solution
  • Ensure that your payroll system is up-to-date with the latest rates, allowances, and conditions.
  • Meet your compliance obligations and avoid potential penalties or disputes.

Entrust payroll management to the experts so you can focus on providing high-quality early childhood education and care.