Allied Health

Efficient Payroll Management for Allied Health Services

Managing payroll and ensuring compliance with employment regulations can be challenging in the allied health industry. At PaysOnline, we specialise in providing managed payroll services that address the unique needs of the sector.

Complex awards and agreements

The allied health industry often operates under multiple awards and agreements, each with its own complex provisions, pay rates, and entitlements.

Our Solution
  • PaysOnline can help you navigate the intricacies of award interpretation, ensuring that employee classifications, pay rates, and allowances are applied correctly

Manage time and attendance accurately

Managing time and attendance records accurately can also be a challenge in the industry. Keeping track of billable hours, travel time, and appointments require efficient systems and processes.

Our Solution
  • With PaysOnline, you can get advanced time and attendance tracking solutions that integrate seamlessly with the payroll software to ensure accurate and timely pay based on actual hours worked

Effective roster management

Effective roster management is also crucial in the allied healthcare industry to ensure optimal coverage, meet patient demands and maintain compliance with staffing regulations.

Our Solution
  • PaysOnline lets you streamline staff allocation and minimise scheduling conflicts with our advanced rostering system

With PaysOnline as your partner, you can focus more on delivering high-quality patient care and growing your practices.