Comprehensive Payroll Support for Franchise Businesses

Managing payroll and ensuring compliance with employment regulations can be complex for franchises operating across multiple locations. At PaysOnline, we specialise in providing managed payroll services designed to meet the unique needs of the franchise industry.

HR’s Administrative Burden

As a franchise owner, it’s essential to have diligent and efficient employees who can offer prompt and polite customer service. However, finding and training such employees can be challenging and time-consuming. Managing human resource tasks can take up to 25-35% of your time, with up to 25% of that time spent on paperwork alone.

Our Solution

PaysOnline streamlines the hiring process. Our intuitive, recruitment, onboarding and training tools allow you to:

  • Minimise errors and eliminate re-keying with paperless onboarding
  • Avoid liability with employee training tracking and licence/certification tracking
  • Empower employees with employee self-service. Employee self-service grants instant access to personal information, leave requests, rosters and much more.
  • Retain potential future employees in one centralised location.

Increasing Regulatory Complexity

Franchises typically operate in multiple locations, which can complicate payroll management. Coordinating payroll data from various locations, applying different tax rates or regional allowances, and managing compliance with location-specific labour laws can be time-consuming and prone to errors. 

Likewise, franchises often have diverse workforces, including franchisor and franchisee employees with distinct employment classifications and entitlements. Tracking work hours and managing leave entitlements can be a challenge.

Our Solution

Let PaysOnline give that time back. Our cloud-based, single-database solution can assist you in mitigating risk, avoiding penalties and proactively managing payroll compliance. With PaysOnline, you can:

  • Access workforce analytics and customisable reports
  • Know that your payroll, payroll taxes and deposits will be handled securely and on time with the assurance of the correct application of wage rates, allowances and entitlements based on specific requirements and relevant employment regulations
  • Assist you in remaining Single Touch Payroll compliant
  • Accurately log work hours with our robust time and attendance tracking system

The Rising Cost of Doing Business

Reducing operational expenses is crucial for businesses to increase efficiency, expand profitability, and improve cash flow, especially with rising costs for rent and labour.

Our Solution

PaysOnline’s all in one HR and payroll application can help save time and money, from eradicating time theft and managing overtime to avoiding payroll tax penalties and reducing turnover costs. Our single-database solution can help you:

  • Avoid over/understaffing with workforce management
  • See real-time totals on hours worked
  • Eliminate time theft with biometric time clocks
  • Quickly create and assign schedules
  • Reduce exposure to violations, audits and penalties

You can focus on growing your business by entrusting your payroll management to experienced professionals.