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Frequently Asked Questions

With ever-changing regulations and legislation, more and more companies in Australia now recognise the significant advantages of outsourcing their payroll. Outsourcing brings many advantages such as: cost effectiveness, efficiency, security, accuracy and reassurance that only specialist focus can bring. You can achieve peace of mind knowing that your wages and salaries are processed correctly and most importantly – on time.
Our business is payroll, our passion is payroll and we are, by nature of our work, exposed to every conceivable situation that can be encountered though our contact with our many and varied clients. By processing payroll internally, you are at risk of being exposed by inadvertently missing or ignoring basic payroll rules or legislative requirements and conditions that are changing continually. Even the largest of companies that have accountants and lawyers employed in-house realise that they need specialist help within each field to ensure that changing legislation and rules are complied with. It is also true that you may be processing your payroll blissfully unaware that you are risking large penalties until it is too late. Quite often personnel resources are taken up that may be used elsewhere due to the confidential and important role that payroll plays in your administration. We will allow you and your key staff to concentrate on what you do best – your business – while we break this essential task down into small bite-size pieces.
Definitely not! At PaysOnline we cater for every business regardless of the size of the company and we will offer you a tailored Managed Payroll solution to suit your business needs. Consider this – It is likely you will require assistance from day one with your first employee rather than after you have several staff. For example – would you begin building a house without a foundation and then hand it over to the builders to finish?
We guarantee that if you aren’t happy with our best practice solution within 3 months we will refund the setup fee. We believe this is the best way to give you peace of mind regarding our products performance.
Unlike software, we ensure your payroll is running correctly from day one. We are available to help with all your queries and to correctly set up your employees balances. Issues with long service leave and employee entitlements are resolved and a solid foundation for the future is set. You can be assured that we are across your payroll requirements from day one. You have access to not only your payroll processing representative and your accountant manager, but you will also have access to a Industrial Relations professional if required.
Definitely! Research has proven that outsourcing payroll has been one of the most cost effective solutions for any business regardless of the size. Due to the ‘per employee cost’ the payroll administration overhead is proportional if you have one employee or thousands.