Optimise scheduling and maximise productivity

Effortlessly manage your workforce and control costs with PaysOnline’s rostering feature. Our integrated solution helps you to create efficient schedules, align labour with demand, and stay on top of employees’ hours worked. Streamline your operations and optimise productivity while effectively managing your payroll expenses.

Award Interpretation

PaysOnline’s Award Interpretation tool helps you remain compliant by determining rates of pay by job description, age, and level.

In conjunction with the PaysOnline Pay Rate Validation tool, our Award Interpreter assists you in allocating the correct rate of pay to each of your employees.

Simplify your workforce management, minimise compliance risks, and streamline your payroll processes with our comprehensive managed payroll solution.

Variance Reporting

PaysOnline’s Variance Reporting feature enables you to see the bigger picture – from roster comparisons to employee attendance.

You will have the tools and insights to optimise your rostering processes, control labour costs, and improve overall workforce management.

Gain valuable visibility into your workforce utilisation, make informed decisions, and drive efficiency and compliance within your organisation.

Workforce Certifications

Ensure your employees are keeping up-to-date with their important licences and certifications with the PaysOnline reminder and notification service. Guarantee compliance, enhance safety, and optimise resource allocation for efficient workforce management.

Flexible Rostering

PaysOnline flexible rostering allows you to take control over your rosters – with options to create rosters using templates based on employee roles, standard shifts, customised rotations, employee templated and loaning of staff to different areas.

Budget Management

Reduce overstaffing and understaffing, control labour costs, and meet compliance demands. Using our shift and award interpretation system, you can create fully costed rosters and avoid unexpected expenses when it comes to payday.

Leave Management

PaysOnline’s Leave Management feature automates and standardises leave request procedures to assist employers in maintaining a fully staffed workforce. You can easily view employee leave accruals, approve or deny requests, and keep track of scheduled leave.

Additional available features

  • Seamless cloud-based console
  • Superannuation calculations
  • Paperless onboarding for new employees
  • Employee console - upload licences, view training, complete custom forms
  • Employee expense claims
  • Termination calculations
  • Connect to Xero
  • General Ledger Mapping
  • PAYG, BAS, IAS payments
  • Workcover annual returns
  • Payment of wages - Funds Transfer (FTS), Australian Banking association (ABA)
  • Payroll tax Reporting and lodgement
  • Compliant reporting
  • Gold certified super stream payments
  • Multiple pay processing frequencies
  • Flexible payroll schedules
  • Roster Management and reporting
  • Time and attendance reports
  • Multiple location, cost centres and departments
  • Online access for accountants
  • Employee online leave management
  • Multi level user access and self-administered control centre
  • Individual time keeping options - job sheet, web time clock, biometric scanners
  • Internal communication
  • Single Touch Payroll -Version 2 Compliant
  • Super fund validation
  • HR document delivery with electronic acknowledgement
  • HR report centre - employment details, OH&S, benefit details
  • Comprehensive HR - employment details, recruitment, reminders
  • Comprehensive HR - dashboard, employee details, curriculum vitae
  • Skill assessment, training, performance reviews, custom forms
  • Fair Work link and audit response
  • System generated (e-reminders)
  • My to do list
  • Audit control
  • Emailed Payslips

To Find your perfect plan, visit the Plans page for a detailed list of what features are included.

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