Custom HR Forms & Documents Feature

PaysOnline provides a convenient and efficient way to manage payroll and HR processes through the Custom HR Forms & Documents feature.

What are Custom Forms

The PaysOnline custom form/document feature allows employers to send their internal forms to employees electronically via the Employee Console.

Depending on individual client requirements, the employer can request forms to be completed at any time (e.g. during recruitment, onboarding or periodically throughout employment)

Examples of custom forms/documents include:

  • Medical check list
  • Emergency contact details
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) information sheet
  • Employment contracts (including job descriptions and Schedule ones)
  • Media Release documents
  • Deduction authorization forms
  • Cash out leave request forms

Benefits of Using Custom Forms

  • Information Security: There’s no risk of paperwork being misplaced or left unsecured in the office, and the platform has advanced security to prevent information breaches.
  • Cloud Storage: The cloud securely stores information, eliminating the need for physical filing cabinets.
  • Accessibility: Authorised contacts can access information anywhere, anytime
  • Data Currency: Ensure that employees always have access to the most current and relevant data.
  • Efficiency: Collect information from employees quickly and accurately.
  • User Experience: Both employers and employees benefit from a user-friendly interface that simplifies form completion and submission.

Fair Work Templates

Fair Work Templates are accessible from your console. These will include (not limited to)

Employing staff

  • Telephone Screening (recruitment module only)
  • Reference checking form (recruitment module only)
  • Notice to unsuccessful applicants (recruitment module only)
  • Induction Checklist

Hours of work

  • Flexible working agreement


  • Notice of requirement to take annual leave
  • Direction to take excessive annual leave
  • Agreement to cash out Annual leave

Casual Conversion

  • Agreement to cash out Annual leave
  • Requesting casual conversion
  • Response to casual conversion request


  • Payroll Deduction Authority

Your All-In-One Managed Payroll and HR Solution

PaysOnline’s Custom HR Forms & Documents feature simplifies and secures your HR and payroll processes.

It streamlines administrative tasks and provides self-service capabilities for employees, allowing you to focus on strategic HR initiatives, employee engagement, and driving the overall success of your organisation.

Seamless and Stress-Free Payroll Transition

We understand that transitioning to a new payroll solution can feel overwhelming. But with PaysOnline, it isn’t. We make it hassle-free by conducting a “parallel run” before your official go-live, ensuring a smooth and stress-free transition. Leave your worries behind as we take care of every detail for you.