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Financial Institutions

For years, firms have spent time and resources fighting red tape and unpredictable markets. It’s time to focus on growth and overcoming HR challenges that hold you back.

PaysOnline has the tools you need to retain top talent, build a reputation of trust, and further your organisation.

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CHALLENGE 1: Competition for Top Talent

Focusing on employee engagement can help financial institutions attract and keep the top talent they need to drive growth.

With PaysOnline you can…

  • streamline the onboarding processes
  • easily match compensation with performance
  • provide ongoing professional development opportunities
  • create performance goals and benchmarks to illustrate advancement paths
  • offer flexible scheduling options

CHALLENGE 2: Increased Regulation

The financial sector is currently one of the most heavily regulated industries in Australia. For some institutions, complying with mounting legislation can mean compromising relationship lending and incurring increased labour costs. This makes competing in a tough market even more difficult.

With PaysOnline you can…

We can help you streamline human resource processes, control labour costs and mitigate compliance risks to cut costs and improve operational efficiencies from an HR standpoint. PaysOnline makes it easy to:

  • meet your legislative requirements by providing you the tools to manage the processes
  • save time, save money and reduce errors with automated administration tools

CHALLENGE 3: Rising Costs of Benefits

The right culture can help any financial organisation effectively serve the needs of their customer base, improve customer loyalty, gain stakeholder trust and maintain risk awareness.

With PaysOnline you can…

PaysOnline’s payroll and HR technology allows you to implement and sustain company-wide culture initiatives that contribute to organisational growth, transparency and success by helping you:

  • train your workforce to be risk-aware and communicative about dubious practices or behaviour
  • ensure that employee compensation is aligned with responsible remuneration goal
  • customise performance reviews to include culture-related competencies

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Benefit from outsourcing your payroll to an Australian Payroll Services company

With regular legislative and regulation changes, doing your payroll ‘in-house’ can be a complicated function of your business. Australia has one of the most complex payroll environments in the world and as a result, requires more than just push-of-a-button-software.

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